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NOTE TO MAKER FAIRE: To all the wonderful friends and builders I met at World Maker Faire this week in NYC, I say hello! This site is dedicated to my small prop work and basic CNCing tools developed around them. The 3+ axis machine we're developing is radically different enough to give it its own property. For news on the carve bot, following Greater Than Three on twitter is the best way to get updates on the project.

Welcome to Reactive

If you're a gamer, fanboy, collector or actor, odds are you think props are cool. And cool props are cooler.

Look around and you can see insane people doing insane things with the modern digital tool sets. Look at the Warhammer Space Marines that showed up at MakerFair. Look at the insane progress that has come to be in Broadway productions. Lion King  got ridiculous press when it became a musical for its stage property. Now that show has been surpassed a hundred times over from Wicked  to How to Succeed in Business.

Everything gets faster and better. Everything gets sleeker and slimmer. Everything gets the gold accents. But somewhere along the line, it seems like prop making only moved ahead for some, and not for all.

In a western world where people can shoot full HD video on their cell phones, that just smells wrong. If we can engineer it, we should be able to build it. Are we not good enough to build anymore? Is the artisan dead? Or are we just not smart enough to engineer? Maybe we're just not patient enough.

We don't believe any of that.

For those who like suspending their disbelief and for those who like working with their hands, there is the art of stage property. And we think it should come, finally, to the masses. We want you to duplicate what's already been done. We want you to create something that's never been seen. We want to help you do it. And we want to do it, too.

Reactive is about mad props. We want our weapons to boot up and look like they're ready to fire. We want our armor to look like it stood up to a season of raids from the Horde. We want the con to go wide eyed and the audience to gasp in harmony. Actuated, living props is what we make, and as we discover and create the tools to do it, we want to show you how to do it, too.

We are Reactive, the singularity of mech and tech.

EJ Strauss, Design Head
G. "Getty" Getriebe, Consulting Engineer

ShapeOko CNC Control Box internals for Sale:
The Reactive Shop

Assembly Instructions available in a video series.